20 Ways to show your love

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody!


It’s that special time of year again, where we spoil our sweeties with sweets and shower them with love.
Here are 20 ideas on how to do just that this Valentine’s Day and every day.

1. Write a note– Leave your sweetie a little love note for them to find. You can hide it in their wallet or stick it on their car window. There is no doubt that they will be quite delighted when it’s found.

2. Make a Playlist – Who doesn’t love some good tunes? Why not make a playlist for your love, include some songs that remind you of your sweetie and maybe some that you both share a special memory with.

3. Impromptu Dance Party – Hey, let’s combine that play list with another fun idea! Turn up the volume and start moving your feet. This surely will keep your sweetheart on their toes.

4. Draw a bubble bath– There is nothing like a nice warm bubble bath after a long day, why not light some candles, pour a glass of champagne and surprise your honey with a little bubbly!

5. Take a Walk– Take a walk through the park, this is a great opportunity to hold your Honey’s hand all while enjoying the great outdoors.

6. Send Flowers – We may be biased on this one, but buying someone flowers is very romantic! So pick up some pretty blooms for your loved one!

7. Dinner and a Movie – you can’t go wrong with dinner and a movie, it’s a classic take your love out to their favorite restaurant and go see a romantic flick and share a box of popcorn in front of the big screen.

8. Go on a picnic – Pack up some sandwiches, paper plates and a blanket and dine alfresco, at a park, the beach or even your back yard. A little change in scenery doesn’t hurt anyone.

9. Do Some Chores – Is the laundry piling up? Are the dishes still in the sink? Is the Trash overflowing? Switch things up and take care of your sweetheart’s chore for the day. It’s sure to be a pleasant surprise!

10. Listen – Take a moment and listen, sometimes we get so busy in our daily lives, with work, friends and family we forget to stop and listen to what’s going on in our loved ones lives.

11. Movie Night– You can’t go wrong with a little Netflix and chill, order some take out and get in your jammies and enjoy some snuggles in the comfort of your own bed.

12. Make Their Favorite – Make some magic in the kitchen and whip up your loved ones favorite meal.

13. Put your phone away – These days it’s hard to do anything without our phones or digital devices, take some time off your screen time and enjoy some couple time.

14. Send a Flirty Text – Ok, Ok, we just told you to put that phone away, let’s face it sometimes that’s just not the case. Show some love by sending your love a flirty text or photo. We’re pretty sure sparks will fly in no time!

15. Give them a Compliment– There is nothing wrong with letting your loved one that they look handsome/beautiful today or that you like what they are wearing. Give them that extra boost of confidence by sharing a sweet compliment.

16. Try Something New – This one is fun and exciting! Try something different, instead of going out to your usual, pick a new place or new activity to do. Do something that’s out of the ordinary for you two. However the experience turns out, we are sure it will be memorable!

17. Write a poem – Get out that pen and paper and write your dear a sweet little poem

18. Recreate your First date – Recreate that special day, except this time we are sure it will probably be far less awkward!

19. Go on an adventure – Take your honey on an adventure, drive somewhere new, explore and enjoy each other’s company while doing it.

20. Say “I Love You” – Last, but not least, tell your loved one how much you love them, although there are many ways to show them your love, nothing beats those three little words.

There are many ways to show your loved one how much you care. We hope these ideas will help spark a little something for you and your sweetheart.

Wedding Bouquets: Traditional vs Alternative

When I think of weddings, I immediately think of traditional and flowers. But what if you have no idea what flowers to go with your scheme? What if you are not a fan of flowers and have no idea what to do for your wedding? What if you want to have bouquets that are unique? Here is where we come in and help you decide if you want traditional or alternative bouquets.

Most brides have a traditional wedding complete with seasonal flowers and the classic color white and pops of color to make the wedding more festive and energetic. Flowers bring a freshness to weddings and are available all year round. There are thousands of varieties of flowers to choose from, but there are popular traditional ones that would go well with any wedding. The top 10 flowers for a traditional wedding are: roses, tulips, calla lilies, lily of the valley, hydrangeas, peonies, ranunculus, stephanotis, sweet peas, and gardenias. Of course, if these flowers don’t appeal to you go ahead and see which flowers are right for you.

bridesmaids20bouquets20purple  garden-gorgeous-bouquets

If you are a fan non-traditional weddings, alternative bouquets are right for you. Alternative bouquets can be made from anything like buttons to fabric to seashells. But if you feel like you want to have some part of a traditional wedding, you can use dried flowers, pine cones, or some greens in your bouquets. You can even add crochet or origami flowers to your bouquets. Everybody can enjoy the quirkiness of your wedding as you show off a different side of weddings. You and your bouquets will be memorable as people will be talking about the uniqueness of your wedding. There are no limits as to how to make your bouquets for you and your bridal party. Make sure to ask your coordinator or florist to see how you would incorporate non-organic materials into your bouquets.



Whether you go the traditional or alternative route, you want your wedding to be special for you and your family. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box, incorporate individuality and be bold in your design choices.


A List of Details You Should Double Check Before Your Big Day

Every wedding is planned with every single detail in mind to ensure the perfect wedding. But there will be times where some details are overlooked or forgotten. Here are some details you should double check before your big day…



  • Vendors


Confirm arrangements with the vendors and have all deliveries arrive on time. Also have a contact person for the vendors to make sure all details are in place.


  • Timeline


Write a detailed schedule for every part of your wedding. This includes the start time of the wedding, when dinner starts, first dance, cake cutting, etc. Give a copy to your vendors so everyone is on the same page.


  • Point Person/Coordinator


Having a point person or day-of coordinator will lessen your stress because they will handle any details or emergencies while you are getting ready for the wedding. You can hire a coordinator or have one of the bridesmaids or a family member to be the point person.


  • Final Payments and/or Tips


Make sure all vendors are paid before the wedding so you do not have to worry about last minute payments. If you plan on tipping anyone, have the tips organized and sealed in envelopes so they are ready to go.


  • Extra Cash and ID


Have a small clutch prepared with some money and your ID in case there is an after-wedding celebration.


  • Pre-Wedding Meals


    A wedding can last a whole day so start your day with a light meal to give you some energy. Even with all the nerves you are feeling, you should not get married on an empty stomach.


  • Emergency Kit


    Prepare a wedding day emergency kit for any rips, stains, or smears. Pack a sewing kit, stain remover, makeup, tissues, etc.


  • Extra Shoes


Wearing heels all day is a girl’s worst nightmare. Bring some comfortable shoes when you know you can no longer handle the heels.


  • Overnight Bag


Pack an overnight bag with makeup remover, change of clothes, toiletries, and other necessities when you retire for the night. As tired you will be after the wedding, you will be glad that you had the foresight to bring an overnight bag.


  • Gift Caretaker


Guests will bring gifts or cards to your wedding, so have a friend or family member supervise the gifts and bring them to the final destination.


  • Rain Gear


If you are having an outdoor wedding, make sure you have umbrellas or a tent for the guests in case rain starts pouring.


  • Honeymoon Details


Pack for your honeymoon early so you don’t have to worry about going back home and packing after the wedding. Make a list to ensure you have everything you need and check that you have your passport and travel documents in order.


  • Remember to Bring Your Marriage License


Have your marriage license registered and brought to the venue before your wedding so you can be married in the eyes of the law.


Last minute details can cause unnecessary stress, so always double check to make sure that everything is in place and that minor details can be handled by a point person. Even during the wedding, be prepared to go over any details that need your attention.

10 Ideas for Entertaining the Children at Your Wedding

Kids. Who doesn’t love those loud, rowdy, energetic munchkins? But a wedding plus dozens of screaming children equals a stressful day. To help alleviate some of that wedding day stress, here are 10 ideas to entertain children at your wedding…

  • Kids Table

Children love to socialize, and what better way to do that than to set up a table just for them. You can even customize their menu to fit their palette.



  • Games

    With a table filled with Jenga, jigsaw puzzles, Monopoly, and so much more, children will be entertained for hours. This is perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings.


  • Arts and Crafts

    Lay out some coloring books and crayons or some DIY crafts that gets their imaginations going. You can even make wedding themed crafts like paper flower bouquets or set up a decoration table where they can decorate their own wedding cakes.

  • Kids Only Zone

    Have a corner dedicated to them or set up a tent where kids can settle down with books and/or movies. Make sure to add pillows and blankets in case they need a nap.

  • Media Room

Have a movie marathon going with child friendly movies. Pillows, bean bags, or kiddie chairs would make the room more comfortable. Mini bags of popcorn are a bonus.

  • Photo Booth

    Photo booths allow both kids and adults to make some fun, quirky memories. Include props like paper mustaches, signs, large sunglasses, etc. for extra silliness.


  • Treats

    With all the activities you have planned, kids are bound to get hungry. Set up a mini buffet table with snacks to fuel their energy.


  • Professional Entertainment

You can consider hiring some professional children’s entertainers such as face painters, magicians, or balloon modellers.


  • Scavenger Hunt


An adventure is the best way to fight boredom. You can even make a wedding themed checklist that includes toy rings, cookies, and flowers.


  • Goody Bags


Goody bags are great for entertaining children. You can fill the bags with crayons and activity books, small snacks and juices, and toys.


When planning these activities, it may be a good idea if you and your bridal party or you and an event coordinator go over which ideas fit your wedding. This way, there will be less stress for you and your little guests.

Our Take – Pantone 2016

Boy oh boy did Pantone shake our industry this year when they announced their colors for 2016!  Not only was everyone shocked to see two colors, but pastel pink and blue???? We’ve heard all of the designers and planners in the industry saying these are Baby Shower colors and they are flipping out.  Our take on it, is a little different.  Two colors make complete sense; they should have been doing it already.  It gives Brides and Grooms a direction, a palette, a vibe.  The two colors are Serenity, a pale blue with a hint of grey and Rose Quartz which is a very pale pink with little pigment.  They can complement each other very nicely, be used on their own or paired with other colors on the wheel for very different looks.  We were so intrigued by the announcement, that we went right to the drawing board and planned our first Styled Shoot!  These colors are screaming 1980’s and a revival of things like lace, pearls, femininity, accessories, florals, lightness, soft and delicate details and all that those classic pastels bring.  We were also reminded of a tea party, the garden and an English undertone.  We put all of those ideas together and came up with something pretty beautiful! With Fashion from Bella Bliss, Photography by Julie Jones, desserts from La Reine Macarons and the perfect setting at Steele Canyon Gold Club, we were able to capture some beautiful shots to help inspire our brides, grooms and anyone planning a wedding or event this year.  Our florals were classic, roses, hydrangea, greenery and satin ribbons, with a nod to the current trend of garden style in one wild bouquet.  The wild bouquet highlights how adding a third color of purple to Rose Quartz and Serenity, create the perfect marriage of pastels, creating a very cohesive look for Spring and Summer weddings.  We used Rose Quartz linen with an amazing lace overlay from A Perfect Table, and designed the stationary ourselves to show how a little bling goes a long way in this color scheme.  The result was a garden tea party that we would love to attend.  We hope our vision provides some inspiration and gets you thinking about some ways to embrace these delightful colors instead shying away from them.  As the year progresses, we’ll play around with these colors more and come up with some great examples of Fall and Winter designs using these colors as well, for couples planning weddings much later this year.

Cheers and have a cup of tea 😉

Raise your glass to Hops


Humulus Lupulus otherwise known as Hops, is making its way to center stage and for good reason. Hops evokes notes of whimsy, rustic and romance. It veers to the road less traveled, for the bride and groom looking for something a little different. From bouquets to boutonnieres  you can’t go wrong with hops. Especially popular with Grooms, hops is a great masculine alternative to the traditional boutonniere. This beer ingredient is a lovely vine of lively green buds that will add texture and depth to any arrangement. Versatile it pairs beautifully with many floral hues. Imagine delicate cafe au lait dahlias in creamy pink or soft peach. Berry toned blossoms or a understated rose, all infused with hops. Cascading vines hung from chandeliers and arch ways. Lush wreaths fastened to chairs. Aromatic table scapes adding to the ambiance of your special day. The possibilities are endless.  Striking in color a fresh vibrant green or dried, hops becomes golden almost wheat like and is a stunning alternative to the usual. There is nothing ordinary about hops. So lets “get intoxicated by the romance of the unusual”, of the beautiful, the inspiring and new.



*Special Thanks to Cary Pennington Photography, Stephanie Rose Events, Thursday Club Wedding Venue – San Diego, & Epic Catering!

You’re Engaged!!!! Now What?

With all the excitement of getting engaged during the holidays sometimes it’s hard to know what to do next.  Well assuming you haven’t already, the first thing to do is gush!  Call anyone and everyone (especially relatives) and tell them all about how he popped the question and how pretty your ring is and how excited you are!  Next, set a date… here is the tricky part… this can be flexible, but dates, especially Saturdays, go fast at venues.  So, if you’re not entirely sure what you want as your date at least decide on a general time of year, this will help in designing your wedding and knowing what to expect from some of your vendors like your florist.  Next is the fun part, Dream!  Write down all the things you may want or need at your wedding, make sure you make two columns; things you can’t live without and things you want if you can make them work.  With this in mind, set a budget range, this will change and transform but setting a general range of how much you want to spend will help you in the long run.  Next, hire a coordinator.  Whether it’s just for day of, month of, or a full coordination package, trust me it’s necessary!  Coordinators not only handle everything on the day of so the only thing you have to worry about is making sure you show up, but they do this for a living and they can make the massive market of vendors in the wedding industry much easier to navigate.  Chances are they have worked with almost all the vendors you might be considering or know someone who has and can give you an honest opinion of where to spend your money and who is worth the splurge and which vendors won’t email you back, ever!  When you google wedding photographer in your area chances are there are thousands… not only will your coordinator know who to call, but based on your budget and your needs and wants list, she will know who will fit that budget and still give you everything you need.   Usually these connections that your coordinator has in the wedding industry will also save you money in comparison to finding that same vendor on your own and requesting a quote without the recommendation.  There are just a few things to think about in choosing a coordinator. How much help do you need; do you need someone to help with everything from getting quotes and contracts for you, to helping you design your venue, to coordinating the day of or do you just need a list of recommendations and someone to help with the month of or the day of?  Whether you need full service or just month of coordination, the most important thing is to share your vision with your coordinator, then see if she can you tell her your thoughts and see if she gets it, or does she try to change every idea you have to fit her brand more, this might seem trivial but a good relationship with your coordinator is important because you are trusting her with your most important day.  Once you have decided on a coordinator, take a minute, Breathe. From this point on it does get a bit more fun.  Go to a bridal show, explore Pinterest, take the time to meet with your coordinator about florists and DJs and caterers and enjoy the planning process!